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 All of us have stories, and many narratives possess different facets. My paintings are metaphoric—the first thing you see is not the story I want to tell. I like to have people stop by, discover, and think about each frame.  My artworks explore the different sides of stories through overlapping surfaces. This collection is a multi-layered acrylic paint on cardboard and plexiglass or glass, where the transparent layers overlie the solid-surfaced painting. This collection is a humbling opportunity to engage the audience in discovering the bottom layer of these combinations by changing the angle at which they view the work. In other words, the paintings reveal their message only when the viewer changes their central focal point to a different one. This interaction co-relates to our social life, where we need to change our vantage point to discover the concealed aspects of the happenings surrounding us.

In this collection, I've focused on social justice, a topic that is close to my heart. I was born and lived in Iran for most of my life, and I know how it feels to live in uncertainty, tension, and injustice. Living in the Middle East trains people to consider many facets of each narrative. Therefore, my eyes got sharpened, and my awareness was heightened. Distortion and lack of truthful sources enriched my explorer mind. The failure of human rights is the other major factor that made me go deeper in learning about my rights and identity as a Middle Eastern woman. Now, I am a warrior who does not believe what she sees at first glance. My paintings follow the same principle of hidden truth; the partially concealed surface is the genuine face of each narrative.

Looking at my works puts you inside an exploratory experience where you can find a new face of the story. My hope is that my work will inspire viewers to pause and think, looking closely at different angles when they view both art and the events of the world around us.

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