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The Mass: They are not numbers

This ongoing series is an extension of my previous project, "The Revelation," with a more focused exploration of individuals caught in conflicts, particularly in the Middle East and Caucasian regions. Visually and formally, the body of work consists of multilayered mixed-media pieces. Typically, there are two layers: the base layer is a mixed-media composition on a solid surface, while the top layer is transparent, concealing parts of the layer beneath. Viewers must interact and alter their perspectives to unveil the hidden areas.
Upon initial inspection, the artwork may appear as a dense mass of abstract shapes, colors, motifs, and items related to our living spaces, such as chairs and rugs. However, when viewers change their angles, the obscured sections reveal pictures of individuals in crisis, sourced from news or reliable outlets. This approach invites engagement and challenges viewers to explore beneath the surface, transforming the abstract into a poignant portrayal of human stories amid conflict.
The significance of this topic to me stems from my dual identity as a Middle Eastern woman with Caucasian roots, particularly Armenian. Both regions, historically marked by conflicts, hold personal resonance for me. Being of Armenian descent, I'm deeply aware of the ongoing struggles, including the genocide in 1915 to the recent events such as the displacement of Armenians from Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) in September 2023. Witnessing my people forced to leave their homeland by Azeri authorities is a painful reminder of the unresolved issues.
Besides, my Iranian essence consistently concerns itself with my homeland, where I was born and raised, as well as the broader Middle East. This region seems to be in a perpetual state of unrest, directly affecting its people. The constant instability, people's consistent displacement, and the pervasive sense of insecurity are common threads between my two identities, where individuals are often overlooked and reduced to mere numbers in the news.
In essence, this art series mirrors my personal narrative, expressing my authentic concerns and everyday musings. Its purpose is to record genuine images and occurrences involving people in crises. As I share my stories with a world that may be unfamiliar with others, I aim to prompt viewers to pause and uncover the narratives hidden within the concealed shapes and colors on the transparent layer.

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